Gear to buy: PLB

Criteria in order of importance to me:

  • Most reliable SOS transmission: PLBs win.
  • Weight: SPOT wins.
  • Non-emergency messaging: DeLorme wins.  SPOT is second.

Very useful:




Weight (oz)


SPOT GEN3 Sattelite Communicator 4.0
ACR ResQLink PLB 4.6
McMurdo Fast Find 220 PLB 5.3 Bouyant
McMurdo Fast Find 210 PLB 5.3
ACR ResQLink+ PLB 5.4 Bouyant
McMurdo Fast Find Ranger PLB 5.8
DeLorme inReach SE Sattelite Communicator 6.7 Text messaging, GPS map display
DeLorme inReach Explorer Sattelite Communicator 6.7 Text messaging
ACR Aqualink View PLB 9.1 non-emergency messaging w/subscription
ACR Aqualink PLB 9.2