For a larger image, just click on the graphic. This is a very small selection, woefully so. More later perhaps.

Here is a link to many more photos of the work, at White Bird Gallery's website: http://www.whitebirdgallery.com/deals/index2015.html

[Raku Leaf Print Vessel]
"Raku Leaf Print Vessel"
10" x 8"

"Gabe's Wall Platter"
22" dia.


"Fern Triptych"

25"h x 40"w

[Blue Herons in Flight]
"Blue Herons in Flight"
28"h x 18"w
Leafprint Urn pair
"Leaf Print Urn Pair"
10"h x 8"w each
[Heron Wall Platter]
"Heron Wall Platter"
23" dia.

[River Egrets]
"River Egrets"
40" x 16"
[Heron Taking Off]
"Heron Taking Off"

18" x 7"

Where to find raku pieces by Dave & Boni Deal.


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