Mount Si and Mount Teneriffe loop

I took a round-about way to the top of Teneriffe. Started on the main Mount Si trail, took the Talus Loop Trail (which back to the main Mount Si trail) and then when the Talus Loop Trail reached its farthest East point I cut across to the Mount Teneriffe Road-Trail on a little trail (not on any map I've seen), I took the Mount Teneriffe Road-Trail to the Mount Teneriffe Trail at the pass, then on to the peak.

On the way back I took the Mount Teneriffe Road-Trail back to a road that goes to the top of the Mount Si main trail, to avoid the hordes a bit I took the Old Si trail a short ways down to where it briefly rejoins the main trail, I then followed the main trail back to my car.

The Mount Teneriffe Road-Trail is simple to follow and fairly unexciting, but it is ever so much less traveled than the main Mount Si trail (highway), I only saw 5 people on the Mount Teneriffe Road-Trail. The upper quarter of the trail has great southern views, Mount Rainier was beautifully evident. The Mount Teneriffe Trail is mostly hemmed in by trees although you get glimpses of both sides of the ridge. My mind almost blew when I came to the peak of Mount Teneriffe, I went from forest to open peak in a matter of 20 feet -- be careful you don't go a few feet further and plunge over the other side. The view at the top was completely 360, I could see downtown Seattle, the Olympics, Mount Rainier, Mailbox Peak, Green Mountain, everything!

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