Mailbox Peak via west ridge trail

Started out at the trailhead at 8:50 AM, short walk through the logging road then onto the trail (muddy) which wastes no time making elevation. Soon I was into snow, there were only two tracks ahead of me. There is little in the way of views for much of the hike, but the snow made it pretty and peaceful. I met up with the two hikers ahead of me as we were breaking out of the trees, at this point snow shoes became necessary.

This is where it got beautiful. Trudging up the left side of the talus slope was a workout, and after that the final ascent was the best experience of my week, wind-formed cornices to the left, a fair drop-off to I-90 on the right (one of my water bottles slid off the side, darn!), the trees had blown snow caked onto their windward sides, and the cloud cover kept me from seeing I-90.

After a signing the Dr Suess's book in the mailbox at the top at the top, we made quick time back, slipping, sliding, and making good use of trees and ski poles. We made it to our cars at 2:30.

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    Chester Morse Lake
    Middle Fork Snoqualmie Drainage, South Fork Snoqualmie Drainage
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