Dirty Harry's Peak via trail

At 9:00 AM I walked past the open yellow gate (with a sign stating that it would be closed at 4 PM and there is no other way out) and headed for Dirty Harry's Road. When I returned to my car at 4:15 PM the gate was still open.

Parts of the Dirty Harry's road-trail are awfully rocky, other parts have been mistaken for a creek bed by various creeks (waterproof your boots), there's a rotten old bridge right at the start, and towards the end it gets quite steep. The views from the top are very good. It's not a crowded trail -- I was the only person on the trail for the whole of this sunny Monday. There was enough snow in the last mile to make snowshoes handy but not necessary. Perhaps my favorite part of the hike was all the icicles hanging off of the trees.

My half-hearted search for Dirty Harry's Museum met with no success. Maybe another time.

On my way back I tried to find the unnamed lake to the east of the talus slope. Greentrails map 206S shows a trail to it, but the well-pruned trail I took ended after turning left out of the creek bed it followed. I'll have to come back when there's no snow and see if the way is more obvious.

On my way back I also went over to the balcony, the balcony trail was clearly marked by an old rusted Pennzoil can on a stick. On the short trail to the balcony I noticed a trail that forked east, so I followed it for a mile or so. It's quite easy to follow (plus it has scads of ribbons), but is very steep in spots and has some challenging creek crossings. A nice balcony to the east of Dirty Harry's Balcony is accessible via this trail. I'll have to come back someday and find out where the trail leads. (It goes to Putrid Pete's Peak and the Mason Lake trailhead.)

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