Green Mountain via logging road (Middle Fork Snoqualmie)

I parked at Mount Teneriffe Trailhead and bicycled the CCC Road-Trail to the Green Mountain trail head. I locked my bike to a tree a quarter mile up the trail and continued hiking up Green Mountain. At 2,900 ft I took the west fork of the trail, about half a mile later (shortly after passing a window cut in the trees on the left) the road/trail looked like it dead ended but I skirted around to the right and the road/trail started up again. Soon after that the trail markers go left off the road/trail into the forest, I followed the markers off the road/trail. After this point there was no trail, I just followed the orange trail markers through the trees and brush. After following the markers for half a mile or so I broke out into the bottom of a rock field. The ridge leading to the peak was dead ahead, there were mountain goats up on the side of the rocky ridge, one adult and three children. I followed the rock field west to the side of the saddle and made an easy climb to the top of a 4,640 ft peak, the second peak on the ridge south west of Green Mountain. I had lunch in this perfect spot and admired the 300 degree view. After taking lunch I headed back down, on my way down I wondered why I didn't try forging on to the peak of Green Mountain, I probably would have tried it if I hadn't been hiking alone.

There wasn't much of a view until I got to the rock field, until that point I found it a dull hike through a recovering forest. After the rock field it gets beautiful, lots of bear grass and ferns and open space. It was a beautiful Sunday and I only saw two people (headed for Absolute Last Promontory) the whole day.

Mount Teneriffe trail head to Green Mountain trail head: 50 min. Green Mountain trail head to 4,640 ft peak: 3.25 hours. back to Green Mountain trail head: 2 hours. back to Mount Teneriffe trail head: 25 min. Mosquitoes in rock field: countless and hungry. Elevation gain: 3,685 ft.

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    scramble/mountain bike
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    Mount Si

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