Zorro Ridge via logging road

My destination was the 4,642 point on the ridge between Russian Butte and Mailbox Peak, I've heard this ridge called Zorro Ridge because of the logging roads slashed across it.

I parked my car at the Mailbox Peak trail head and rode my mountain bike up the Granite Creek Road Trail. After passing the road to the Granite Lakes (that's the fork to the right with the picnic tables) I turned left (north) off the main road, crossed the berms blocking the way, and locked my bike to a tree on the other side of the berms. A faint foot trail starts on the other side of the berms, not many people go this way but it was easy to follow since the old logging road the foot trail follows cut an obvious swath in the trees. The first half mile or so of the trail was very marshy, then for the next couple miles it passed through some very thick groves of young alder ranging from three to seven feet in height. After getting up into bear grass altitude the trail and view was unobstructed for the rest of the hike.

  • Date:
    Elevation gain:
    3,822 feet
    Trip type:
    USGS quads:
    Bandera, Chester Morse Lake
    Middle Fork Snoqualmie Drainage
    6 hours
    • 4 hours ascending from Mail Box Peak Trailhead to Zorro Ridge
    • 2 hours descending from Zorro Ridge to Mail Box Peak Trailhead
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