Granite Lakes ridge loop

We rode our mountain bikes from the Mailbox Peak trail-head up the Granite Creek Road-Trail, we walked more than rode after crossing Granite Creek because the Granite Creek Road-Trail gets steeper after that point. We stashed our bikes behind the berm where the Granite Creek Road-Trail splits left to go up Zorro Ridge (point 4642) and right to go up point 5124. We hiked to trail 1009A and took the trail (which is well maintained) to the ridge that separates the Granite Lakes and Thompson Lake, we then headed north up the ridge toward point 5124. The ridge is easy hiking with some pushing through young conifers. There is a nice log cabin near the top of point 5124 with doors and windows 10 feet off the ground. The top of point 5124 has excellent views. From point 5124 we headed northwest across the ridge to point 4642, this is a beautiful narrow ridge, there was some pushing through brush but it's not bad at all. From point 4642 we descended west on the logging road, which has a few thick alder patches but is mostly clear, I like this road. The bike ride back to the Mailbox Peak trail-head was great fun, especially the bumpy and steep first couple miles.

  • Date:
    Trip type:
    mountain bike, scramble
    USGS quads:
    Chester Morse Lake, Bandera
    Middle Fork Snoqualmie Drainage
    8 hours 20 minutes
    • 2 hours 40 minutes ascending via bikes from Mailbox Peak trailhead to berm in intersection at 3,160'
    • 3 hours 35 minutes ascending from berm in intersection at 3,160' to Zorro Ridge
    • 1 hour 15 minutes descending from Zorro Ridge to berm in intersection at 3,160'
    • 50 minutes descending via bikes from berm in intersection at 3,160' to Mailbox Peak trailhead
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