Mount Defiance and Putrid Pete's Peak loop

From the Mason Lake trailhead we hiked to Putrid Pete's Peak via a trail that is not on my map that goes straight when the Mason Lake trail takes its first sharp right at about 1/4 a mile from the parking lot. At the fork below a few big rocks, we went right up the ridge. The trail starts dissappearing once it breaks out of the trees, although there are still surveyor's flags for a while, the idea at this point is to simply go straight up. Much of the ascent is very steep but it also has excellent views. The top is a pile of rock with very impressive 360 degree views. We signed the peak register, took in the sights, had lunch, shivered in the wind, and then headed off.

From Putrid Pete's Peak we hiked east across the ridge to Mount Defiance. We hiked some of this on the side of the ridge instead of the top, which was very tough on my knees. Eventually we met with the trail, then took a left branch (not on my map) that led to the top of Mount Defiance. We had more lunch and admired more great views.

From Mount Defiance's peak headed for Mason Lake. After passing Mason Lake we took the new Mason Lake/Bandera Mountain trail, which is finally open. As far as trails go, this one is a highway, wide and flat.

Trail head to Putrid Pete's Peak: 2 hours and 45 minutes. Putrid Pete's Peak to Mount Defiance and back to trail head: 5 hours.

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    South Fork Snoqualmie Drainage, Middle Fork Snoqualmie Drainage, Alpine Lakes Wilderness
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