Dog Mountain (Snoqualmie Lake quad) via Taylor River Trail

We parked at the Taylor River Trailhead and rode our mountain bikes up the Taylor River Trail to the Marten Creek bridge. We stashed our bikes, crossed the creek, and headed north toward the ridge that starts forming around 4000 feet. There was a fair amount of brush going up this hillside. We often crossed the remnants of an old trail that switch backed up the slope. Around 4400 feet we traversed west to the small pass east of Dog Mountain (Snoqualmie Lake quad), this involved a bit of class 3 rock.

Once we passed over the ridge we dropped down about 100 feet and traversed to the north east slope of Dog Mountain (Snoqualmie Lake quad) and then ascended to the top. There were some nice views at the summit.

From the summit we followed the southwest ridge to around 5000 feet and then followed the fall line down the south side of the ridge. We meant to drop to the upper part of Marten Creek, cross the creek, and take the bootpath on the south side of the creek to the Taylor River Trail. Unfortunately we were unable to cross Marten Creek and decided to go cross country on the north side. It turned out that the north side was awful terrain to cross, lots of gullies and creek crossings. Interestingly we also came across an abandoned tarp hut out there. After much frustration we finally reached our bikes back on the trail and rode back to our car.

Copyright © 2004 Gabriel Deal.