Wright Mountain via Rock Creek trail

I parked at the Taylor River Bridge and rode my mountain bike up the Middle Fork Road to where Rock Creek drains into the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River. As it turned out the road was in such good shape that I could have driven my car there. The Middle Fork Road passes a small clearing to the right where a log allows easy crossing on the river. I crossed here, went up stream about 15 feet, crossed the river rocks, followed a depression that was less brushy to another stream crossing, about 40 feet downstream on the far side was a sign marking a connector trail to the Middle Fork Trail, I was unable to find where the connector trail meeds the Middle Fork Road, I suspect that portion of the trail is wiped out. I followed this trail and headed up the Rock Creek Trail to Snow Lake, then I headed to Gem Lake. From Gem Lake I followed a boot path to the top of Wright Mountain, it was a hike the whole way. Wright has nice views of the upper Middle Fork Valley, Chair Peak and Kaleetan Peak, and some Snoqualmie Pass peaks.

Copyright © 2004 Gabriel Deal.