Hancock's Comb via logging roads

I parked at North Fork gate 11.

I rode my mountain bike east on road 32000. Road 32000 (labeled "Spur 10" on Greentrails) had a sign stating that no motorized access is allowed without a permit, call Hancock Forest Management at (360) 825-1637 for more information. The map says it all, so I won't give details of which roads I took. The roads are well marked up to the last turn-off to Lake Hancock (which I didn't take), and they are gradual enough that I didn't have to push my bike up the road very often. The roads are also in excellent shape, on my ride down I averaged 10+ miles per hours, I would have gone faster if I didn't have to worry about logging trucks on their way up. The Hancock's Comb area is actively being logged, I encountered a bulldozer and lot of trucks on the road and there were about 10 loggers working just SW of Hancock's Comb.

I parked my bike next to a berm south of Hancock's Comb and continued east on the road for a short distance then ascended the SE ridge of Hancock's Comb. The ascent was a continual bushwack to the top.

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