Boomerang Peak via logging roads

I parked at North Fork gate 11.

I rode my bike down road 32000, after crossing the North Fork Snoqualmie River I went left on road 29000, after riding north for a few miles I went right on road 29100. I followed road 29100 to Calligan Lake where road 29100 takes a sharp left. I went straight and followed the road that runs up Calligan Creek. The road was closed before the first switchback (at 3,320'+) but I got permission to continue. By the time I reached the third switchback corner (at approximately 4,080') the road was consistently covered with snow, so I parked my bike there. Up to this point the road was well-maintained and 90% of it was gradual enough that I didn't have to get off my bike and push it up.

The road switchbacks up the side of Boomerang Peak further than the Lake Philippa USGS quad shows, Greentrails shows more of the road but I don't think it is accurate. I hiked up the road a bit until I came to the little gully that runs SW down Boomerang Peak, I went up the gully and got onto the little ridge to the right of the gully. I had to do lots of self belay in a mixture of dirt and snow here. The ridge was steep and had lots of little boulder fields, but the brush was OK and I had no difficulties getting to the summit.

The summit had up close views of Twin Peaks (with Glacier Peak peeking over the top), Goat Mountain (Lake Philippa quad), Lake Philippa, and logged out forests. Trees blocked my view to the south and west, but on my way up and down I caught some nice views of Paperboy Peak, Moolock Mountain, and Mount Rainier.

I descended straight down the south side of Boomerang Peak, first heading for the pass and then angling to the right toward the road where my bike was parked. It was steep and slippery, but again I did not encounter serious brush or unpassable obstacles.

Copyright © 2004 Gabriel Deal.