Guye Peak via Commonwealth Basin

Ian and I parked at the Pacific Crest Trail trailhead north of I-90. We took the PCT and then turned left onto the the old trail which forks off of the PCT in a clearing a short distance after leaving the parking lot (this trail is on the Snoqualmie Pass USGS quad but not on Greentrails).

The bootpath to Guye Peak forks to the left off of the old trail immediately after the first Commonwealth Creek crossing. At the crossing there is a log with chicken wire on top of it going over the creek a few feet downstream from the trail. Immediately before the creek a trail leads to the right up the side of the creek to another crossing area, on the way up we took this right fork and missed the fork to Guye Peak and ended up going cross-country to find the bootpath.

The bootpath leads up to the saddle between Guye Peak and Snoqualmie Mountain. It was very pleasant and was only scrambly in a couple spots. At the saddle we headed south to Guye Peak, doing some kick steps, and some scrambling over slick, snow-covered rock. The summit was a bit perilous feeling with the exposure and the thin covering of slick snow over the rock. As usual I had promised Ian that the sun would come out when we got to the top, and as usual the visibility was nil at the top.

Copyright © 2004 Gabriel Deal.