Fuller Mountain loop

I parked at the North Fork gate 11 intersection and walked down the road to the west to intersection on the other side of gate 10. At the intersection there was a sign marking the start of the Ten Creek loop trail, I followed this trail. Just before crossing Ten Creek the trail forks, down the wood steps to the left is the return part of the Ten Creek loop trail (I took this on the way back, it was overgrown and faint but still followable). I headed straight ahead and crossed Ten Creek on some tippy logs with chicken wire on top of them. The trail continued on NW, crossed a logging road (there was a cairn here), and continued on the other side of the logging road through the woods to the lower part of a huge borrow pit at the south base of Fuller Mountain.

I couldn't find where the trail continued after the borrow pit, so I went up the borrow pit to the upper NW corner and followed an overgrown logging road to the west side of the broad south ridge of Fuller Mountain. Here I headed straight up the south slope of Fuller Mountain following the surveyor's tape and occasionally taking what appeared to be shadows of an abandonded trail. The woods were open and the underbrush was rarely above my knees.

When I reached the summit I found the trail and followed it east through an open meadow of sword ferns and old alder to a rocky outcropping that overlooks North Bend, Mount Si, and Rattlesnake Mountain. I sat there in the rain, listened to the logging trucks, and watched the sun shine on Rattlesnake Mountain for a while before heading down.

On the way down I followed the trail. From the rocky outcropping, the trail headed to the east side of the summit, descended via the NW ridge for a while, switchbacked down the west side of Fuller Mountain, and finally headed south to near the borrow pit. The trail came out on the upper fork of the logging road that leads to the borrow pit (on the map it looks like only the upper fork goes to the borrow pit, but in reality the lower fork also reaches the pit), there was some pink surveyor's tape across the logging road from where the trail met the road. I returned to the borrow pit and took the Ten Creek trail back.

Copyright © 2004 Gabriel Deal.