Greenleaf Peak from Greenleaf Slough

Dad and I parked near Greenleaf Slough and hiked up past Aldrich Butte and Carpenters Lake to where Greenleaf Creek crosses the road/trail on the east side of Table Mountain. Before reaching the creek we ascended a gully and followed game trails up to Greenleaf Basin. We forded Greenleaf Creek in our extra shoes (cold!), Dad brought a towel to dry our legs with. We followed the edge of Red Bluffs for a while but dense brush soon forced us down to the road that runs through the basin. The road was clear and level and we made quick time to the power lines that run north and west of Greenleaf Peak. We followed the road under the power lines to the top of the NW ridge of Greenleaf Peak. At the ridge a trail marked by a cairn follows the ridge to the summit.

On the way down we followed the logging road through Greenleaf Basin all the way to Greenleaf Creek. A hundred feet or so downstream we found a series of logs that we crossed the stream on, much better than fording!

Copyright © 2004 Gabriel Deal.