Choirboy via CCC Road-Trail

I parked at the Mount Teneriffe Trailhead and rode my mountain bike to the CCC Road-Trail.

The CCC Road-Trail has developed a new creek crossing since I was there last, near the east ridge of Green Mountain a creek that I think used to run under the road has washed the road out. This was the first of at least three creeks that I had to hop across on rocks or ford, if the water had been much higher they would have turned me back.

The old Mount Si Greentrails map I have shows the planned extension to the CCC Road-Trail, it is incorrect. At a Y the trail goes right (downhill) and joins the North Fork Road for a short distance before forking left (well marked with a wooden sign) onto the newest part of the road-trail. The new upper segment of the road-trail is beautiful singletrack, a joy to ride. But one segment of the new road-trail has collapsed (it was built on clay) and although the new segment of the CCC Road-Trail has many nice wooden bridges, there was one big creek crossing that I had to ford.

The upper end of the CCC Road-Trail ends at the North Fork Road right across from the Middle Fork trailhead.

From the Middle Fork trailhead I crossed the bridge over the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River, took the trail to the right for 15 feet or so, and then headed directly up to the top of the west ridge of Choirboy. At the top of the ridge there is a boot path marked by flagging. The boot path climbed steeply up Choirboy almost to the top. After the boot path petered out I waded through waist-high salal and followed intermittent paths to the east side of Choirboy where I found the best views. The views of Garfield Mountain alone made the trip worth it, awesome! Also visible were Preacher Mountain, Green Ridge, and the Middle Fork valley to the north and south.

There are pines on top of Choirboy, I don't remember seeing pines before in the Middle Fork area.

In order to make it back before dark I cut off some time by riding the Middle Fork Road to the Bessemer CCC Road-Trail Trailhead, and then took the Bessemer Road Connector Trail to the CCC Road-Trail.

Copyright © 2004 Gabriel Deal.