Denny Mountain loop via Alpental

Ian and I parked at Alpental and followed the southernmost ski lift up the east slopes of Denny Mountain. Before reaching the top of the lift we went left and kicked steps up the gully that runs to the col between point 4615 and point 45120+. We had lunch on point 4615 where we had views of Snoqualmie Mountain, Red Mountain (Snoqualmie Pass quad), Rampart Ridge, and Guye Peak (great views of Guye).

We then headed SW along the ridge back to the ski lifts and followed a lift NW up Denny and through a steep, wet, icy, rocky gully (watch the avalanche conditions here). At the top of the gully we ascended a bit then headed right and climbed up wet, mossy rock to the ridge NE of the lift. There were such nice views up there, Chair Peak, Garfield Mountain, Avalanche Mountain, Chikamin Peak, and I could go on and on.

We took a break when we made it to the top of the lift. I decided we should turn around since it was getting late and the snow was as cruddy as it could possibly be (not fun to walk on). After a 20 minute break we headed up the summit. We followed the top of the ridge to the big, broken rocks of the summit block and climbed up between them.

At the summit I pointed out the plastic Budda that was taped to the radio tower. Then we headed down. We took a more moderate route when leaving the summit block, we went south a bit and descended a little snow finger down the lower part of the summit block.

From the upper lift we descended the north side of Denny Mountain via a double black diamond ski run that heads north from the summit and then circles around east and south to the lower ski area. Some good glissading on this descent route. Also some dangerous avalanche slopes.

Copyright © 2004 Gabriel Deal.