Black Lake Point 2000+ from North Fork gate 31

I parked on the North Fork Road between gates 31 and 32 and rode my bike past gate 31 up Road 29410. At the 4-way intersection I went left onto Road 29400, crossed Deep Creek, then went right at the 3-way intersection. I soon parked my bike at a point NE of and below point 2000's saddle and skirted the edge of the clear-cut up to the saddle. The forest at the edge of the clearcut is young with very little underbrush but a lot of rotting wood on the forest floor. From the saddle I went NW to the top of point 2000+. The summit was a mess of sword fern and vine maple with no views. I descended 200 feet via the NW ridge then dropped down the east side of the ridge back to the logging road and returned to my bike.

Copyright © 2004 Gabriel Deal.