Kaleetan Peak

Carla, Ben, and I parked at the Denny Creek trailhead and headed up the trail. We passed a couple guys on the trail who were hauling duffel bags, a coleman stove, a gallon milk jug full of water, fishing poles, and assorted other stuff. Later we passed a woman wearing a mini-skirt and carrying a child. At Melakwa Lake we followed the sign to the outhouse, then took the right fork of the path up the south ridge of Kaleetan Peak. After passing point 5,700 we encountered some steep, frozen snow when dropping down a bit on a NW slope into the basin right below the peak, those of us that had ice axes were glad to have them.

When making the final approach on the summit, one guy was above us and another party was below us. The guy above kicked a rock down the summit gulley which only missed Carla because it deflected a few feet in front of her, otherwise we would have had a MOFA situation. The summit gulley wasn't as intimidating as it looks from the distance.

When we returned to Melakwa Lake there were a dozen people there and two campfires burning.

Copyright © 2004 Gabriel Deal.