Cedar Butte and Little Si

I parked in near the gate across a road that forks left off of Cedar Falls Road right before the Rattlesnake recreation area sign. I jogged the roads and trail towards Cedar Butte, after crossing Boxley Creek I took two false trails before finally finding the (obvious) trail to Cedar Butte. The trail was well maintained and there were a couple forks to explore. The top of Cedar Butte has an excellent view of the Middle Fork Snoqualmie Valley, among others I could see Mount Si, Mount Teneriffe, Green Mountain, Mount Garfield, Russian Butte, and Mailbox Peak.

I noticed what looked like a faint bootpath going down the north ridgelet of Cedar Butte and followed that. It was a pretty well-defined little ridge most of the way, and it was reasonably clear and followable until the last quarter mile. At the end the route descended into a recovering clear-cut with lots of slash to post-hole through.

I then drove over to Little Si with ambitions to go for Fuller Mountain afterwards. But jogging the Little Si trail wore me out well enough.

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