Rattlesnake Mountain traverse

Mary, Jack, Colt, and I had what I found to be a surprisingly nice after hours hike from one end of Rattlesnake Mountain to the other.

The first stop at the Rattlesnake Ledges made it obvious to me why the city couldn't keep people out when they were trying to make the ledges a part of the Cedar River Watershed. The view from the ledges is quite nice and the vertical drop below makes it all the more satisfying.

The trail over Rattlesnake Mountain passes through many phases including an area of thick salal and sparse trees; a path gouged out of a forest of thick, young trees; nicely recovering forest with devils club, ferns, and maple in the undergrowth; logging roads; and thinned forest with a surprising number of flowers in the undergrowth. We got occasional views of the Middle Fork Snoqualmie valley and very interesting views of all the little logged bumps in Hancock's Snoqualmie Tree Farm (in the mouth of the North Fork Snoqualmie Valley). Clouds obscured what I was told was a very nice view of Mount Rainier.

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