Tomlike Mountain and Green Point Mountain loop

A fun trip. Dad and I were thinking of scrambling the length of Woolly Horn Ridge, but we went down to the bottom of trail 407 at the confluence of the two forks of Herman Creek and the damp brush at the start of the ridge didn't look very inviting. So we took trail 406 to just past 7 1/2 Mile Camp, at this point we left the trail and ascended Woolly Horn Ridge via the basin NE of the summit. The ridge is beautiful and the hike down the south side of Tomlike Mountain is also attractive.

From Tomlike Mountain we went south to trail 409 and headed to Green Point Mountain. Green Point Mountain is the second tallest mountain in the immediate Columbia River Gorge area (I think), but it certainly has a moderate summit. We walked past the summit before we realized we were at the top.

From Green Point Mountain we took trails to Nick Eaton Ridge. The trail along Nick Eaton Ridge didn't look well used, but I enjoyed it quite a bit.

On the way back to the trailhead we took a quick detour to Indian Head, which is quite exposed with excellent views. Dad says one of his guide books calls it a scramble, but I certainly wouldn't scramble that crumbly-looking rock with all that exposure.

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