Mount Shuksan via the Sulphide Glacier

Our group of 12 Mountaineers met at the end of FS road 1152-014. We hiked the boot path (which was largely made of squishy mud that was lovely on my knees on the way down) to the south end of the Sulphide Glacier. USGS shows the bootpath ending where it meets the ridge at 4,600' but the path continues up the ridge, through the 5,400'+ pass, to the glacier.

We unroped at the base of the summit pyramid and ascended the gulley on the SW side of the summit pyramid. It had wet snow all the way up, on the way down a member of the party above me fell and triggered a wet snow slide that I had to hustle to dodge. Someone also kicked a rock down near me. I felt like a target.

All in all an outstanding trip. From the point where the bootpath met the top of the ridge we had excellent views. The steepness of the summit pyramid added a little spice.

Copyright © 2004 Gabriel Deal.