The Husband

Mom and Sarah dropped Dad and I off at the Obsidian trailhead and Dad and I set off for the PCT. We took trail 3547 off of the PCT, this trail passes through a lovely meadow. At the intersection of trail 3547 and trail 3547.1 we headed west up the SE ridge of The Husband. The ridge had some pretty tarns on it. We eventually dropped off to the N side of the ridge and traversed the basin.

We regained the ridge a few hundred vertical feet from the summit and scrambled a 3rd class step on the ridge. At the top of the step was a... I'm not sure what it was. Some wire with a half dozen sun-bleached bandannas, a polished agate, a plastic ring, and a feather. Continuing on the ridge looked too sporty for me, so we descended and traversed beneath the ridge until we were almost directly beneath the summit block.

Here we found two obvious light rock bands running up the otherwise dark rock leading to the summit. The bands looked to be slightly more solid rock, so we scrambled up the one nearest the summit. This class three rock was the crux of the trip, it had good handholds and footholds but I still wouldn't want to do it when it's wet. At the top of the rock band there was lots of loose rock to kick down on the person below. From the summit we found excellent views of the surrounding fog.

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