Hidden Lake Peaks

The trail to Hidden Lake Peaks passes through four distinct phases, first it is in forest, then in a lush, open valley, then alpine meadows, and finally granite boulders on the summit block.

There were many wildflowers in the basin, although in the afternoon the basin was very hot.

To get to the highest summit, I left the trail at the col and followed a bootpath up the ridge to the left (NE). Soon the bootpath faded and I was scrambling easy granite boulders, and strolling across flat blocks of granite. The summit was a jumble of boulders, one with an old, rusty memorial bolted to it. There was a summit register.

I took in views of Hidden Lake, Eldorado Peak, Forbidden Peak, Sahale Peak, Johannesburg Mountain, and many more. While I was on the summit two other parties came and left.

On my descent I dropped down to the west to meet with the trail.

Copyright © 2004 Gabriel Deal.