Benson Plateau via Ruckle Ridge

Dad and I parked at the parking lot for the Eagle Creek Campground, hiked up to the campground, and took the trail up Ruckle Ridge (not marked on maps). Ruckle Ridge is the ridge between Ruckle Creek and Eagle Creek. The ridge is often steep, and includes some class 2 and 3 sections, and some exposure. At the more difficult sections the trail forked so one could follow an easier, lower trail that sidehills below the ridge top. It's a rolling ridge, so we lost and regained elevation often, making it more difficult than the net 3,600' elevation gain. Quite a fun trail.

We descended via the Ruckle Creek trail (trail #405), which was your normal hikeable trail. Often it breaks out into grassy hillside meadows. At the bottom the trail merged with the old highway for a few hundred feet.

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