Gunn Peak, try #2 (attempted)

Our group of five Mountaineers took the route to Gunn Peak described in Climbing Washington's Mountains. In an attempt on Gunn earlier this year, I met with brush when we entered the basin at around 4,400', but since then someone has cleared out the path nicely (thanks!). We followed the brushed-out path up the west side of the basin to the top at 5,400'.

From the top of the basin we went counter-clockwise around point 5,760'+ (the peak SSW of Gunn Peak -- not the 5,760' peak to the SE of Gunn Peak) to the 5,320'+ pass on the north side of point 5,760'+. From the pass we went NE up a gulley on Gunn Peak. It was snowing, the visibility was low, and we missed the gulley on our right that we were supposed to take and ascended to the top of the 6,000' pass between Gunn Peak and bump immediately NW of the summit. On the way down we found the our gulley but we weren't willing to take it covered as it was with an inch of wet, new snow.

On the way down the clouds opened up for a few minutes to reveal local views to the south of Baring and the SE peak of Gunn Peak. Our only views of the day. Despite that it was a fun trip with a great group of people.

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