Rampart Ridge and Dungeon Peak

Jiri and I parked on the northern-most part of Road 136 where it turns sharply south out of Rocky Run. This is the trailhead for the unofficial trail (not on any map) that runs NNE up Rocky Run to Lake Laura and Lake Lillian. Before reaching Lake Lillian the path joins with trail #1332.

At Lake Lillian we followed a path that skirts the east side of the lake, then climbs over to the east side of Rampart Ridge. On the east side of the ridge we continued following the bootpath north to the 5,870' summit of Rampart Ridge. The summit block is most easily attained by scrambling the rock stairs on the NE side of the summit (Jiri scrambled the exposed south side, just watching that scared me).

On the way back to Lake Lillian we followed a bootpath that crossed the ridge further north than our ascent route. It took us to the NW shore of Lake Lillian.

From Lake Lillian we ascended the east ridge of Dungeon Peak (point 5,640'+). The only obstruction on the east ridge was at 5,240' where we met with a buttress. We traversed right (north) around the buttress and ascended the gulley on the other side.

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