Lake Philippa

I parked on the North Fork Road in the large parking area across the road from gate 16 (17.4 miles from exit 31 on I-90). I crossed the gate and took Road 29200, passing over a cement bridge, then going right at the first fork (the left fork leads to Loch Katrine), and then going left at the second fork.

At the end of the road a trail continues up the valley. The trail starts out in a young forest with a sunlight-starved, sterile floor, but soon enters old growth forest. Around 2,430' the trail crosses to the west side of Philippa Creek. Instead of crossing, if you continue a couple hundred feet upstream on the east side of the creek (a real bushwack), you'll find views of a lovely slot canyon with a series of waterfalls running through it.

I crossed the creek on a slippery log. After the creek crossing the trail becomes steep, more like a scramble than a hike in many parts. Then it crosses a talus field, followed by another short, steep section before leveling out on the final approach to the lake.

I found two campsites at the lake, one complete with a grill and teapot.

Copyright © 2004 Gabriel Deal.