Dirty Harry's Peak and the Birdhouse Trail

Carla, Jiri, and I dared the "road closed by 4 PM" sign and parked right at the start of the Dirty Harry's logging road-trail. We started in rain, but by the time we were at 4,000' we were wading through 2+ feet of snow and had to stop regularly to knock snow off of trees that bent down across the trail.

From the summit of Dirty Harry's Peak we had planned to continue NW to the 4,926' high point between Mailbox Peak and Dirty Harry's. But we soon encountered a drop off on the ridge that all members of the party were not enthusiastic about descending.

On the way back we stopped off at Dirty Harry's Balcony then took the Birdhouse Trail down. The Birdhouse Trail forks SW off of the trail to the balcony, it passes through a logged-out forest that is too young to have much undergrowth yet. I've never seen so many stumps of trees that were obviously young when they were harvested, was that Dirty Harry's work? The trail is used to access a number of sport climbing areas, and has many viewpoints that overlook I-90. It also has six bird houses.

The trail took us to the bridge over the South Fork Snoqualmie. A one mile walk back up the road led us back to our car. The next time I go up Dirty Harry's I may prefer to park at the 4 PM gate and hike the extra distance on the Birdhouse trail, it's much more pleasant than the logging road, although it does have more ups and downs.

Copyright © 2004 Gabriel Deal.