Earl Peak via Standup Creek

What a perfect trip for a perfect day.

Our group of 11 Mountaineers met on the intersection of Stafford Road and Road 112. At this point two of our cars became stuck in the snow. After digging them out, we headed up Road 112 and Standup Creek trail.

At 4,840' where the Standup Creek trail crosses the nose of a ridge, we left the trail and headed NE up the ridge (toward point 6,459'). This is where the views started, by the time we reached the 6,200'+ pass SE of Earl Peak we had excellent views including Navajo Peak, Little Navajo (our original destination), and the Stuart Range. It only got better as we followed Earl Peak's SE ridge to the summit.

The ridge was largely brush free, and we had no problems the few obstructions we met along the way. A very pleasant route to an excellent destination for a sunny day.

Copyright © 2004 Gabriel Deal.