Townsend Mtn, Mt Persis, Frog Mtn, point 4534, and Stone Lake (attempted)

Plan #1: Mount Townsend. In the Sultan Cafe we decided not go to Mount Townsend due to potential avalanche danger on Townsend.

Plan #2: Mount Persis. Part way up the logging road to Persis we encountered a large tree blocking the road.

Plan #3: Frog Mountain. The road up the North Fork Skykomish to Frog had a "road closed after 10 miles" sign.

Plan #4: Point 4534, east of Stone Lake. At the trailhead we spent over an hour digging out an SUV, we no longer had time to make it to the peak.

Plan #5: Stone Lake. We go for it! Jim, the driver of the SUV, joins us.

We made excellent time to Barclay Lake, which has a stunning view of the sheer north face of Mount Baring. We followed the trail to the east side of the lake then struck off cross-country toward Stone Lake. The forest we climbed through was open, soon we broke into open slopes, we ascended on the right side of the broad gulley, meeting some steep but manageable slopes

At 2 PM we were at the same elevation as Stone Lake, but it was not in sight and we were out of time. Time to turn around and head for the cars. We were back to the cars before dark.

Copyright © 2004 Gabriel Deal.