Teanaway Butte via Jungle Creek Road

Atsuko and I parked at 29 Pines Campground, the road was plowed up to here. We donned our skis and headed up Jungle Creek Road, at the 3-way intersection, shortly after crossing the North Fork Teanaway River, is a sign stating that Jungle Creek Road is for non-motorized users only. We saw no snowmobiles tracks after this point.

The trail was only broken for a quarter mile, after that we had a long, long slog on untracked snow up the very moderate Jungle Creek Road to Liars Prairie (east of the butte). Once we were east of Teanaway Butte, we headed straight up it, making it to the summit with no difficulties.

The summit of Teanaway Butte has close to a 360 degree view. The Stuart Range is in sight and so is much of the Teanaway. It has a great view.

Teanaway Butte itself was a great winter summit, but the long approach on the road was pretty dull, no views, and most of the time it's not even steep enough to glide down on skiis without pushing off.

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