Cascade Lookout

I parked on the North Fork Snoqualmie Road between gates 31 and 32 and headed north up road 29410. At 1,300' I turned right (east) at the four-way intersection onto road 29400. At 1,767' I took a left onto road 29500. At 1,840'+ I took a left onto road 29520. I hit snow around 3,000' on the north side of the 3,087' ridglet that road 29520 hairpins around, from here on I was able to ski. I wished I had brought my mountain bike for the logging roads leading up to this point. At the four way intersection at 2,800'+ I turned right (east) onto road 29600. (Most of these roads are not labeled on maps, but do have street signs naming them.)

Before following the road to Cascade Lookout I took a long detour to ski up the logging roads running east below the ridge.

Cascade Lookout was an excellent destination. The lookout is elevated above the young trees in the area and has a nice 360 degree view. Many of the east and west windows are broken and boarded up, but all the north and south facing windows are intact. The door is broken off. I enjoyed sitting inside and taking in the views which included downtown Seattle, Twin Peaks, Boomerang Mountain, Mount Si, Mount Teneriffe, Mouth Phelps, Little Phelps, Rattlesnake Mountain, and Fuller Mountain.

Copyright © 2004 Gabriel Deal.