Tunnel Vision Peak via Tunnel Creek

We parked on Road 6095 on the hairpin turn where Highway 2 meets Tunnel Creek. Except for the first 50 feet the road was completely snow-covered.

We hiked the road to the Tunnel Creek Trailhead (trail #1061) and then wandered on and off the snow-obscured trail through open, old-growth forest. At Hope Lake started turning south then SW following the same path the PCT follows along the east ridge of Tunnel Vision Peak.

Soon we started getting great views of what I think are Thor Peak and Nimbus Peak. Bulls Tooth and its subsidiary peaks, Lux Peak, and Lumiere ridge also started making appearances at this point.

As we traversed on the south side of the ridge we crossed many open avalanche slopes until we were SE of Tunnel Vision Peak. Here we headed north up a steep gulley then through open slopes and into the clouds that enclosed the summit of Tunnel Vision Peak.

On the descent we followed the SE ridge of Tunnel Vision Peak to the basin at 5,200', which was a very pleasant way to descend. From the basin we traversed east and rejoined our ascent route.

Copyright © 2004 Gabriel Deal.