Fuller Mountain

This was my first trip as a Mountaineers hike leader. Interestingly all seven of the others on the trip were also hike or scramble leaders!

From the parking area at the big four-way intersection on the North Fork Road, go west, cross gate 10 (which may or may not be open) and the trail starts there at the T in the road.

The major difficulty in following the Fuller Mountain trail is finding the trail when you reach the gravel pit at the base of the mountain. At this point you turn left for a couple hundred feet until you get to a fork in the road. At the fork you turn sharply right, follow the road uphill, and watch for the trail on your left.

At the summit we enjoyed the sunshine and the views to the east of Hancock's Comb, Bessemer Mountain, Moolock Mountain, Green Mountain, Mount Teneriffe, Dixie Peak, the Moon Wall, and the huge gravel pit that has been carved out of the valley floor.

On the way back we turned right after the stream crossing and followed the mostly overgrown trail that eventually loops around and rejoins the main trail near where the trail meets the road.

Copyright © 2004 Gabriel Deal.