Driveway Butte via trail

I parked at the Driveway Butte trailhead at Klipchuck Campground (about 15 miles east of Washington Pass on Highway 20) and headed up Driveway Butte trail (#481). Soon the trail started climbing up the ridge through open forest and meadows filled with bright, yellow balsamroot flowers. Silver Star Mountain slowly came into view as I gained elevation.

Around 4,800' the trail levels out and enters a burned-out section of forest. Green, spring grass and yellow glacier lilies contrasted with the charred trees.

The wide summit of Driveway Butte has 360 degree views. Three of the tallest 100 Washington mountain were in sight, North Gardner Mountain, Silver Star Mountain, and Robinson Mountain.

This was a very good spring hike. Except for a short north-facing section, the trail was completely snow-free.

Copyright © 2004 Gabriel Deal.