Collar Mountain and Alaska Mountain via PCT

I parked at the Snoqualmie Pass PCT trailhead and headed up the PCT. There are lots of people on this trail on a pretty Sunday. The crowds thinned out to almost nobody after passing Kendall Katwalk.

Right before Ridge Lake I took a quick detour north to scramble up Collar Mountain, a minor summit named by John Roper and company in September 2002. It has a nasty, brushy summit but does have nice views of the south side of Mount Thompson. After a quick look around, I descended to Ridge lake.

There were a couple short, steep snow slopes to cross on the trail between Ridge Lake and Alaska Mountain. Once I was south of the summit of Alaska Mountain, I left the trail and scrambled to the summit.

The summit of Alaska is pleasant, it has nice spots to sit and enjoy views of nearby Huckleberry Mountain, Chikamin Peak, Alta Mountain, and the very impressive Thompson Mountain. There is also just enough room for a 6'3" guy to sleep if he doesn't mind his feet hanging off the edge, which is what I did.

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