Navaho Peak, Little Navaho, and the Three Brothers

Brett and I parked on Stafford Road and headed up the Stafford Creek trail (#1359). At Navaho Pass (west of Navajo Peak) we headed east on the County Line Trail. Where the trail leaves the ridge and starts contouring across the south side of Navaho Peak, we followed a bootpath (not on maps) that leads up the ridge to the summit of Navaho Peak. Great views of the Stuart Range from here.

From the summit we followed the SE ridge of Navaho, which went with no difficulties. Shortly after crossing the trail we found a somewhat flat, vegetation-less spot to bivy on the ridge.

In the morning we headed east down the trail, wasting at least half an hour on a miscommunication that got us separated for a while. But eventually we were reunited and were heading up the west ridge of Three Brothers. This was a good scramble ridge with nice views of the Start Range, there were many small cliffs to thread through (I think many ways would go). We made it to the main summit of Three Brothers with no difficulties. This was one of the only summits I've been to that had two summit registers.

From the summit we headed down the ridge but soon dropped SW down the mild slopes of Three Brothers to where Negro Creek meets the gulley that leads up to the 5,960'+ pass between Navaho Peak and Little Navaho. We followed the gulley up to the pass, then took the ridge up to Little Navajo.

From Little Navaho we dropped back to the 5,960'+ pass, then dropped down the west side of the pass toward the Stafford Creek trail, staying on the south side of the creek/gulley.

The hike back to the trailhead went quickly.

Nothing on this trip exceeded class 2. Lots of open country, peaks, and some excellent views. A very good trip.

Copyright © 2004 Gabriel Deal.