Cannon, Enchantment, Dragontail, and Witches Tower

Cannon Mountain. We approached via Prusik Pass. We found a cairned bootpath that starts slightly to the west of the pass and heads NW, contouring the slopes on the north side of the ridge. We completely overshot and accidently summited Elf Ridge first. Ack. Once we oriented ourselves, it was a straight-forward scramble to Druid Plateau (the 8,320'+ plateau just below the summit) via the east slopes. The summit of Cannon was a rock scramble, and the last 15-20 feet was steep and slabby. It was a little intimidating downclimbing the short section of slabby rock at the top, a slip could have deposited us 30 feet down the slope.

Enchantment Peak, NE summit. The NE summit was a straight-forward walk-up from Prusik Pass, with 15 feet of 3rd class scrambling to the top. We checked out the SW summit and decided it was far past what we'd be willing to do with only a 30m rope and a few biners and slings. Too bad since I'm not clear which summit is the true summit.

Dragontail Peak. The standard Valhalla Cirque route was out because the glacier was mostly ice. So we skirted the SE side of Isolation Lake, then ascended granite slopes to the 8,120'+ pass between Little Annapurna and Dragontail Peak. At the pass we walked across the snowfield at the top of the Snow Creek Glacier, then ascended SW to the Dragontail Plateau. From the plateau, we hiked the west side of the ridge to the top of Dragontail.

Witches Tower. This was my favorite. It started with a short, exposed, slabby ledge on the SSE side. The ledge was very easy, but a bit intimidating with all the exposure. After this short section, it was a fun, unexposed rock scramble to the summit, with a bit of 3rd class. The top was solid granite and very roomy with loads of exposure on all sides.

On the hike down my headlamp batteries gave out just as we reached the car. How convenient.

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