Mailbox Peak and Dirtybox Peak

Carla, Laurie, Logan (the dog), and I parked at the Mailbox Peak trailhead and headed up the trail to Mailbox Peak. At the summit of Mailbox Peak, we pushed on to our primary destination, point 4926, which I have dubbed Dirtybox Peak. Dirtybox is the peak between Mailbox Peak and Dirty Harry's Peak, it is taller than Mailbox and Dirty Harry's. It seems odd to me that it doesn't gave a name, given the popularity of the two lesser peaks that surround it.

We found it easiest to stay on the south side of the ridge, sometimes dropping down 50 feet or so to bypass rocky sections. At one point we hit a short class 3 section where Logan had to jump into a tree to get through, I wish I had seen that. Other than that section, it was all straight-forward class 2 to the summit.

The summit was a high point on a narrow, treed ridge, with a cairn on top of a boulder.

On the way back we bypassed the summit of Mailbox Peak by traversing the south side of the to regain the trail on the west ridge.

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