Welldiggers Peak via Yodelin

Carla, Karen, Anne, Amy, Joe, Beth, Spring, and I met at the parking lot on the south side of Highway 2, 1.6 miles east of Stevens Pass. There is a grey building in the parking lot that I assume is Stevens Pass employee housing. We skied up the logging road that starts behind the grey building. Around 4,200' on the east side of the road there was an old ski lift building from the defunct Yodelin ski area. When the road ended, we continued south to the top of point 5023.

From point 5023 we skied up the SW ridge of Welldiggers Ass to the summit. There hadn't been new snow for a week, and we were able to follow a well-traveled ski/snowshoe path the whole way. It was all class 2.

The summit of Welldiggers Ass was partially treed, but had some views. Views were nice from the 4,840'+ col just SW of Welldiggers.

We yo-yoed the clear-cut slope on the north side of the 4,840'+ col . This was a nice, gradual, rolling slope, with young trees that were not thick enough to obstruct our turns.

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