Talapus Lake from exit 45

Ian and I parked on road 9030 a few hundred feet from exit 45. The road is washed out here. We put on our skis and headed up 9030 to the Talapus/Olallie Lakes trailhead. We hit another washout shortly after the intersection with road 9031.

From the trailhead we took the small ridge west of Talapus Creek. The ridge is treed the whole way, no views. At 3,340' we left the ridge and headed down gentle slopes to the Talapus Lake outlet. We admired the snow slopes NW of the lake and resolved to come back in the spring to ski them.

We returned the same way. The trees on the ridge were a bit too tight, luckily the ridge is mellow enough that we could usually maneuver around them (we suffered one collision with a tree). When we got back to the trailhead we were surprised to find loads of snowshoe tracks in what had been untracked snow in the morning. We encountered many snowshoers and a few skiers while we skied down the road.

Copyright © 2004 Gabriel Deal.