Sky Mountain via Skyline Lake

Try #1. Carla, Mark, and I parked at the Berne Maintenance Facility, and headed for Arrowhead Mountain. After leaving the railroad tracks and skiing up 100 feet of icy snow in tight trees, we decided to turn around and try a different destination.

Try #2. We pulled into the crowded Stevens Pass north parking lot and skied up the Skyline Ridge road. Much better snow here. We skied past Skyline Lake, up to the ridge, and did a run down Moonlight Bowl, awesome snow. We then skinned up Sky Mountain, skied back down to Moonlight Bowl, returned to the lake, and down to the parking lot. Lots of great skiing and excellent snow.

  • Date:
    Elevation gain:
    4,315 feet
    Trip type:
    backcountry ski
    USGS quad:
    Labyrinth Mountain
    Highway 2 Corridor
    6 hours 39 minutes
    • 54 minutes driving there from Capitol Hill to Sultan
    • 1 hour 7 minutes driving there from Sultan to Berne Maintenance Facility
    • 52 minutes ascending from Berne Maintenance Facility to slopes of Arrowhead
    • 47 minutes descending from slopes of Arrowhead to Berne Maintenance Facility
    • 57 minutes ascending from Stevens Pass to Skyline Ridge
    • 31 minutes descending from Skyline Ridge to bottom of Moonlight Bowl
    • 1 hour 19 minutes ascending from bottom of Moonlight Bowl to Sky Mountain
    • 39 minutes descending from Sky Mountain to Moonlight Bowl
    • 20 minutes ascending from Moonlight Bowl to Skyline Ridge
    • 46 minutes descending from Skyline Ridge to Stevens Pass
    • 59 minutes driving back from Stevens Pass to Sultan
    • 57 minutes driving back from Sultan to Capitol Hill
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  • Railroad on the way to Arrowhead Mountain
    Railroad on the way to Arrowhead Mountain
  • Skyline Ridge
    Skyline Ridge

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