Red Bluffs (Columbia River Gorge)

Dad and I parked at the intersection of CG-2020 and CG-2022. We crossed the berms on CG-2022 and headed up the road. CG-2022 passes through a gravel pit, then shortly after it seemingly dead-ends it a tangle of downed trees. But on the other side of the downed trees the road continues in a more primitive form. Soon after that we could see Red Bluffs through the trees and we headed cross country to the bluff.

We went cross-country below the bluffs all the way to Greenleaf Creek. We passed through a number of distinct areas. One was sandy and flat with cottonwood, alder, and cedar trees. We passed through many boulder fields, some tippy and scary, others covered in deep moss. Once we crossed a steep field of fine, red scree. And there was some bushwacking.

Once we reached the creek, we returned via logging roads. For a while the roads passed through boulder fields that had excellent views of the impressive east face of Table Mountain. These roads would make good mountain bike destinations. But the road eventually devolved to a long slog through the woods.

On the way back we heard rock fall from the bluffs twice, one went on for 30 seconds.

Copyright © 2004 Gabriel Deal.