Teanaway Ridge loop via Highway 97

We parked at the intersection of Highway 97 and Road 9714 (at Iron Creek). We headed SW up a third road, after about a mile we headed north up a spur road (actually I think we took an earlier road not on the map and ended up doing a bit of cross-country to get back on route). We followed roads until they ended just west of point 4,002'. From there we followed the ridge to the top at 4,943'.

From the summit we took the ridge NE, crossing point 4,792', accidently detouring off the ridge shortly after, we got back on route and finally headed back toward the car via the ridge with point 4,465' on it.

See the route map below for details. No difficulties on this route. We did have to pay close attention to navigation since all those ridges look the same!

Copyright © 2004 Gabriel Deal.