Ireland: Slieve League and Leahan

The normal route to Slieve League starts from Lough O-Muilligan on the coast SE of Slieve League near the town of Teelin (Teileann). I didn't know this, so we ended up taking a more solitary route.

Michael and I parked in the lot above Trabane Strand (Silver Beach) in Malin Beg. We walked down the stairs to the beautiful little beach. The beach has some easy bouldering with excellent sand landings.

From the beach we headed NE up a ravine to the top of the cliff that runs south of Leahan and Slieve League. We walked above this cliff to the top of Slieve League. It was an easy walk although there was rarely more than a game path.

We encountered some great rock formations on the south side of Slieve League, west of the summit.

From the summit of Slieve League we crossed One Man's Pass to see if we could find the church ruins shown on the map. All we found were many, many cairns, we were low on time so we didn't look around much.

We returned by going directly over Leahan, then dropping down to Trabane Strand.

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  • Silver Strand
    Silver Strand
  • One Man's Pass on Slieve League
    One Man's Pass on Slieve League
  • Crag on Slieve League
    Crag on Slieve League
  • Crags on Slieve League
    Crags on Slieve League
  • Near summit of Leahan
    Near summit of Leahan

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