Ireland: Glen Head Tower and Carrigan Head Tower

Visiting these towers on the Donegal Peninsula was one of the most rewarding parts of my Ireland trip. They were both in gorgeous settings with impressive cliffs and great scenery, there were no fences to cross, and I didn't see anyone at either tower (although there were a lot of people in the Slieve League parking lot next to the Carrigan Head Tower).

** Glen Head Tower (near Glencolumbkille town)

I parked on the north end of the loop road that runs north out of the small town of Glencolumbkille (Gleann Cholm Cille). From the road a 4x4 road runs north, leading to the tower. The route is marked by trail signs.

The tower is above an impressive cliff with excellent views. Next to the tower I found a lovely place to lay on my tummy and stare straight down the cliff to the ocean.

** Carrigan Head Tower (near Teelin town)

The drive to this tower was the most enjoyable drive I had in Ireland. The road is narrow, curvy, sometimes cliffy, and with steep ups and downs. Sometimes the road goes up then down so it looks like the road completely drops off.

I parked just east of the ravine that is before the parking area next to Lough O'Mulligan (Slieve League parking area). A path leads down the SE side of Carrigan Head to the tower.

I didn't know until later that I passed within a few hundred feet of a cragging area that is near the tower. Apparently Sail Rock and Black Rock are both approached via the same path that leads to Carrigan Head Tower.

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