Treen Peak via Green Ridge

Lindsay and I parked on the Middle Fork Road and headed up the Green Ridge trail. At the fork at 3,400' we stayed left (on the ridge) and continued up point 4,840'+. 4840 would be a nice hiking destination in itself, it has good views in all directions. It also offers a great view of the route up the final 1,000' of Treen Peak.

From 4,840' we dropped down to lake 4662 then down to Upper Garfield Mountain Lake. This is 800' of elevation loss, putting the trip over 6,000' of total gain!

From Upper Garfield Mountain Lake, we ascended to Charlie Brown Lake. From the lake the best route wasn't 100% clear to me. From the outlet of the lake we countoured below the gendarme-filled SW ridge of Treen until we passed through a steep snow gully (with rock on both sides) that is directly north of the lake (see the photo with the route drawn in). After the snow gully the terrain was straight-forward to the summit.

At the summit we found a brand-new summit register placed a few days earlier by Fay Pullen. I wonder if the register Randy placed a few years ago was still buried under the summit cornice? We spent well over an hour lazing on the the roomy summit admiring the views in all directions.

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